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‘Life Starts Now’ for Three Days Grace

On September 22 the Canadian band Three Days Grace released their highly anticipated third album “Life Starts Now.” This time around, the band (consisting of lead singer Adam Gontier, lead guitarist Barry Stock, drummer Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst) have shaken things up a little bit with some different sounds and new kind of lyrics that you wouldn’t usually expect from the group.

Their first album, “Three Days Grace,” contained songs that expressed any anger that the band had experienced in their life with songs like “Home” and “I Hate Everything About You.” During their first tour Gontier became addicted to alcohol and drugs, which landed him in rehab after the tour was over. After Gontier was released he went back with the band to start writing their second album, “One-X.” Because of what he went through, the songs on the album were very personal to Gontier. Songs like “Pain” and “Animal I Have Become” talk about his time in rehab and the struggles he went through.

Their style and song-writing really reached out and attracted a lot of people, which made both records very successful, both of them going double platinum. “One-X” sold over 78,000 copies on its release day.

Now three years after “One-X,” things are different for the band and especially Gontier, which led to some new and unusual songs from Three Days Grace. All of the members of the band are now married and have a kid, or more, which would be the reason for some of their lighter and less heavy sounding songs on the album like “Lost in You” and “Without You.” They are also experimenting with a new kind of sound which is most noticeable in the songs “Going Down” and “Life Starts Now.” It’s a kind of sound that you would expect from a band like Nickelback, but Three Days Grace pulls it off to expand their music and themselves as a band.

There are still those traditional Three Days Grace songs on the album, like “Bitter Taste,” (the fist-bumping anthem), “Break,” and “The Good Life,” which has a very similar sound to “Riot” one the “One-X” album. The album’s two singles, “Break” and “World So Cold,” have already made it into the top ten on “Billboard” Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.

This is sure to be another platinum album with the wide range of rock songs that can reach to every rock fan by relating to anything they are dealing with in their life or to give great songs to rock out to whenever. There is no song on this album worth skipping from the intro song “Bitter Taste” to the final song “Life Starts Now.” When bands get bigger and more famous they sometimes start to change their look and sounds, which don’t really tend to work out, but this is not the case for Three Days Grace. They are staying true to their fans and always attracting new ones with every new song and album they release. Album number four can’t come quick enough.

-Published in The Oswegonian


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