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Bringing campus together with music

The fall semester at Oswego State showed a large increase in the on-campus music scene will continue to the spring semester with its latest annual event, Oswegostock.

This will be the third year Oswegostock has taken place on campus. The Students for Global Change organization, which deals with issues that concern humanity, formed the event in 2010.

Oswegostock was formed when event organizer Sean McNamara and other members of the Students for Global Change group wanted to come up with an event that would bring the campus together.

“The idea was to have an outdoor concert with venders and information tables and to give the campus some reason to come together and have a good time,” McNamara said.

McNamara began contacting bands to perform and made sure that they were mostly on-campus bands as well. He wanted to keep Oswegostock a true campus event and has continued that tradition with the two events following the last.

According to McNamara, there was a great reception during the first year of the event with about 60 to 70 people attending. The year after that it rained, forcing the event to move from an outdoor event to an indoor venue in Hewitt Union. Due to the weather, the event’s attendance was significantly hurt, but McNamara believes if the bad weather stays away there will be better attendance this year.

WNYO and the Lifestyles Center have been a major factor in helping to advertise the event. The Lifestyles Center has assisted with getting their posters printed while WNYO helped pay for the stage as well as bring a lot of support.

“We will be running sound and we have been advertising it [Oswegostock] too,” program director for WNYO, Andrew Nicholson said. “We have promotions in our system for it, posters in our window and we tell our DJs about it too. We’re trying to make it as big as possible.”

The first year of the event there were only four bands on the roster with the number increasing each year. This year Oswegostock will hold live performances from eight different Oswego artist including Sam Katz, Mick van Rick, Goats in Trees, Frozen Waffles, Show Me Bulldog, Second Best Sunset, Burning Bridge Street and Dan Borodzik and Our Friends Band.

Every artist has their own style and will be displayed one at a time on stage for a show of various entertainments.

Along with the performances there will be a magic show by Shane Hillman and a martial arts demonstration by the Aikido club. There will also be crafts for people to get involved with and outdoor games such as Frisbee, kickball and more.

The entire event is free to everyone and, according to McNamara is just for the sake of getting the campus together.

The event will take place in the campus quad area at noon on April 22.


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