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Men’s tennis coach position remains vacant

The 2010 spring semester is quickly coming to an end and Oswego State’s men’s tennis team has yet to find a replacement head coach.

Athletic Director Tim Hale believes that part of the reason finding a replacement coach has been so difficult is because of the school’s location.

Hale described how Central New York is not much of a tennis location compared to some other school areas, which makes the situation harder to find someone that will come up to Oswego State and coach the team. Also, the men’s tennis head coaching position is only part-time. The university is looking for someone who lives close, will not take the position as a secondary job and will stay committed to the team for a long period of time.

Flyers and advertisements have been sent out and so far there have been a few people interested in the position. The school will soon be meeting with them to discuss the future possibilities.

A deadline has been set for the middle of May or early June at the latest to have the new coach in place, but if they feel like the right person is not found there is the possibility that Erin Skaradek, the current replacement coach, will permanently take the position.

One fact that could help make a candidate’s decision easier is the renovation of Romney, which is set to begin soon. A final design is close to being chosen, which would contain four indoor tennis courts that would allow the tennis teams to play no matter the weather conditions outside.

“I think coach Skaradek has done a very nice job,” Hale said. “The players are very happy with her. They feel comfortable with her. She has been working very hard at improving the schedule and have added many more games for next year. We have had difficulty getting our minimum number of NCAA contests in the past. I have also seen the athletes around the office more and I think the increase in games and everything is all do to Erin’s hard work.”

Skaradek has also already been speaking to student-athletes about coming to play at Oswego State and been greatly involved with the team. Hale believes that if Skaradek became the head coach that she would work out perfectly because she already has a good relationship with the athletes and coaching the team will not be a secondary job for her.

Right now, Skaradek is the sixth different head coach the tennis team as had in a short period of time, so whether Skaradek stays in the position as head coach or a new coach comes along, the men’s tennis team’s main goal will be to see if the next coach will be committed to staying with the team for a long period of time.


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