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Rising Student Artists: Soul Underground

Many bands are known by their distinct style, but local band Soul Underground strays away from this with their mixture of styles. They consider themselves to have a tight sound with a mix of R&B, soul, jazz, funk and pop rock.

“We don’t really know how to define ourselves, but we are a mixture,” lead vocalist/guitarist Matt Baluyot said. “You know how in science, a mixture is a bunch of compounds that don’t fuse exactly but are together.”

Formed in February through a class-recording project, members Baluyot, Ryan Grogan (guitar/vocals), Manny Greene (drummer), Tony Iannone (bass) and Nate Felty (piano/keyboard) are turning their jam sessions into something more.

“I live next door to Manny, and I found out about Tony through Manny, so I found out he plays bass and they asked me if I wanted to jam,” Grogan said. “We just all got together and after the first practice we thought we actually had something. So we originally were doing two songs and then after the third practice we kind of just said instead of just recording songs we should just become a band.”

Their intentions are not to become a big recognized band, but to make the best music they can for their fans.

“From my perspective I am not in it for the money or anything like that,” Baluyot said. “I would just rather have people listen to what we have and take it as it is. We are really focusing on having people listen to what we created because we work hard to create music.”

The band writes together, while Baluyot writes most of the lyrics. The whole band sings, expect for Greene, as well.

“A lot of the music brings up emotions,” Baluyot said. “When I am writing the lyrics I like to focus on what that feeling is, so one song is about a girl and how she hypnotized me with her groove.”

Soul Underground will be performing at Greene’s Ale House regularly and at King Arthurs on Dec. 15.

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