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On Dec. 1, 2012 I went to my final Whiteout Weekend as an Oswego State student, anticipating an exciting game, ending with, of course, the Lakers winning. But as many know, that was not the case.

Fast-forward to March 3 when the men’s ice hockey team faced off against the SUNY Plattsburgh Cardinals, just two weeks after suffering its second loss of the season to the Cardinals. This time, was a different story. Not only did the Lakers win, but they did it in style, with a 4-0 victory, allowing them to claim the SUNYAC Championship.

It was the game I was looking for at the Whiteout game, but it was still satisfying knowing that my last Oswego State hockey game ended in such an exciting way. Fans and players alike shared the same level of excitement. Players acknowledged the fans that stayed for the post game ceremonies and even took a group of fans’ home-made Stanley Cup to celebrate with. It was a game that would have been unfortunate to miss.

It is not just hockey that can bring about these kinds of exciting games, either. With more than 20 athletic programs, there are plenty of these moments every semester. There have been many teams and athletes that have had tons of success this year. Many of these achievements are missed, however, because many Oswego State students don’t attend games. Of these students, there are those who complain that hockey gets too much attention or ask why they have to pay an athletic fee. Both of these complaints can be solved by attending various sporting events.

The athletics fee helps to pay for events to happen, staff to be in place, facilities and other things that help draw athletes that can help teams to be competitive. Unless something major happens, the fee is here to stay, so you might as well indulge, especially if you are a sports fan. To bring more attention to a certain sport, there needs to be an increase in fan attendance. Understandably, going over to Laker Hall can be a hassle, but maybe if attendance in some sports goes up, they will be brought closer to campus.

It is a completely different experience going from a men’s ice hockey game to a men’s basketball game. When a major play is made or a goal is scored during a hockey game, the crowd erupts into a sea of cheers. But at a basketball game when the same caliber of an accomplishment is made, the atmosphere is surprisingly quiet compared to a hockey game. Obviously sports vary in popularity in general, so not every sports fan may be a baseball fan or a tennis fan, but I would encourage anyone who is a sports fan to attend at least one event of every sport they enjoy. Even the non-sports fan should attempt to attend one event. Attending a game is not just a way to pass the time, but a way to experience something new while also supporting the athletes.

I am glad I was in attendance to watch the men’s ice hockey team capture its ninth SUNYAC title in such a dramatic and exciting way. It is this kind of experience every Oswego State student should take in at least once before they graduate so that they will be able to say they were there to support one of the Oswego State athletic teams.

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