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Year of the short tracks

It’s now 2015, which means it is time make the traditional New Year’s resolution. But let’s be honest with ourselves; resolutions like eating healthier are probably broken already and exercising more was a nice thought, but that is only going to last for a few weeks. Why not make a resolution you are actually going to enjoy, Such as attending more local short track races.

Over the years, I have encountered numerous race fans who used to have a favorite short track they would always go to, but for one reason or another that trend had to come to an end. They say they are going to try and make their way back to the track, but just like wanting to exercise more, it is a nice thought, unless you actually act upon it. So instead of wasting your weekends on the couch maybe it is time to have some fun for a weekend or few.

Obviously going every week can get expensive, but for the most part, general admission prices are usually reasonably priced. And if you’re bringing the family most tracks let young children in for free or for a cheap price. There is a slight side effect, even after going to one race; that it is very easy to become addicted. It might not be as difficult for fans to stay away as it is for drivers, as there are some retired drivers who will not go back to a track in fear of catching the bug again.

But in all seriousness, a day or night at the track can be good family bonding time. Between practices, heats and features, you’re going to be there for a few hours and the time between races alone should give you something to talk about. I have yet to meet a kid or adult that has not enjoyed the overall experience short track racing provides. Except for the people who didn’t care for chewing on dirt for a day or so after a night at a dirt track, but hey, dirt racing isn’t for everyone.

Short track racing gives off the same atmosphere as a college sporting event. They are local events where you’ll probably run into a few people you know that live in the area. The drivers are most likely from the surrounding area and may even be someone you know. So it is like routing for your home team. And they drive with the same amount of passion you’ll see from any college athlete. That is because they are not doing it for the fame or money; they are simply doing it for the love of the sport. And the fact that they all really, really want to win.

If you’re lucky enough, you may even have a traveling tour like the World of Outlaws make a stop at your local track. Touring series like the WoO Sprint Car Series, among many others are always sure to put on a great show and if there is only one race a year you can make it to, a touring series race would be the one to attend. But that doesn’t mean the weekly divisions don’t put on great shows. It doesn’t matter the size of the car or the horse power it has, once the engines are fired and the grid is shown the green flag, madness will ensue.

If you’re a diehard NASCAR fan, your local track may even be a sanctioned NASCAR Home Track. You may even find cars you have never seen or even heard of racing. There is an endless assortment of things you’ll see at a short track, whether you want to see them or not. But for the most part what you’ll find is a good time. So let 2015 be the year you enjoy your resolution and finally make it back to your favorite track.


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