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McLaren to release full image of its new 675 LT before Geneva

McLaren has surrounded its new 675 LT in mystery, before its unveil during the 85th International Geneva Motor Show.

Recently, a computer generated rendering, show casing the rear and right side of the new car, was leaked by Auto Gespot. An incident not intended by McLaren, but according to McLaren, anxious waiters of McLaren’s new “Sport Series” entrant will be able to see the car in its entirety on 25 Feb. at 1 p.m.

Although McLaren have been careful in what they released appearance wise of the 675 LT, they have provided bits of information about the car specifically.

So far McLaren has made no secret that the 675 LT takes heavy influence from the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ as that is what the LT represents. The 675 denotes the power of the 675 LT’s engine in PS (666bhp). The upgraded horsepower is paired with a torque figure of 516 lb-ft. According to McLaren, the car’s controlled torque delivery of 443 lb-ft ensures optimized acceleration and traction from a standing start in first gear.

The 675 LT’s upgraded power output compared to its counterpart, the 650S, is said to come from a heavily revised 3.8-litre V8 featuring new twin turbos and lightweight components.

Aside from the upgraded performance from the powertrain, the car’s ‘Longtail’ will give a 40 percent increase in overall downforce when the Active ‘Longtail’ Airbrake becomes active. A technique McLaren claims to optimize performance and reduce weight, as it is a pillar of the LT ethos.

In the latest video released by McLaren, the 675 LT’s new bespoke titanium crossover exhaust were teased by providing a few seconds of the exhaust note. Continuing to create more questions than answers.


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