Year of the short tracks

It’s now 2015, which means it is time make the traditional New Year’s resolution. But let’s be honest with ourselves; resolutions like eating healthier are probably broken already and exercising more was a nice thought, but that is only going to last for a few weeks. Why not make a resolution you are actually going […]

Simple test drive turns into movie like adventure

Photos by Nick Graziano To people that love to drive there is nothing better than being on an empty wide-open road where you can create your own rules on speed and which lane to drive in. It is a thrill that many car enthusiasts will only be able to experience in their dreams as those […]

Don’t miss out

On Dec. 1, 2012 I went to my final Whiteout Weekend as an Oswego State student, anticipating an exciting game, ending with, of course, the Lakers winning. But as many know, that was not the case. Fast-forward to March 3 when the men’s ice hockey team faced off against the SUNY Plattsburgh Cardinals, just two […]

Bring campus, sports closer

Location, location, location. It is a term heard most often when someone is trying to get the most out of their business, complex or any other structure. While less considered, location also plays a big part in the fan attendance of a sporting event, especially at Oswego State. Only a few years ago, all of […]

After 4 years of arduous work, another phase begins

During my sophomore year of college at Oswego State, it seemed like anything that could go wrong would. I was left questioning myself about college: “Do I want to stay at Oswego?” and “Was journalism the right choice for a major?” After a summer to think it over and dropping the dead weight that was […]

Prepping racecar for track more difficult than it looks

To many, auto racing may seem like a fairly easy thing to do. The drivers do a good job of making it appear so, anyway. There are many arguments that can be made against that, but no matter what people think of the racing, there is no argument against the difficulty of getting a racecar […]

Strictly driven

The bulk of attention in motorsports has gone to Danica Patrick so far this year. Anytime Patrick runs a race when she does not get lapped, she gets more media attention than the winner of the race. In the latest NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway, Jimmie Johnson won his eighth race at the track and […]